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Who buys cars that don't run?

Do you want to sell your unwanted vehicle in Hamilton Waikato? Sick of spending time on unnecessary emails and phone calls? Then it’s time to work with us. With Atlas Auto, the leading scrap my car Hamilton company, it just takes a few steps to get rid of your scrap car.

Atlas Auto being a top broken car collection company takes pride in informing you that we service in Hamilton, Waikato region to help individuals dispose of their unwanted cars – all kind of vehicles most ethically and sustainably. Further, we ensure that each transaction we undertake offers the best cash value to all our sellers. We understand getting rid of a scrap car may be a hassle, particularly when you’re looking to receive the right price for it. Therefore, we focus on helping our clients achieve the best price for their cars.

Being among the best car removal service and leading junk car buyers company in Hamilton, we will buy any non-running vehicle. The only thing is that it must have its engine and four wheels in place. Our experts will inspect your car and provide you with the best cash offer against your vehicle. Regardless of the vehicle’s condition, no matter what brand, model, or manufacturer, we will buy any car. You will get cash on the spot after we accept your car when you deal with us. Hence, you don’t need to wait weeks or months to get your money. Further, we offer free car removal, so don’t worry about the towing charges.

Sell your scrap car to Atlas Auto today by filling out the online form on our website. Our team will reach out to you in no time to understand your requirements.

Why Choose Car Wreckers Hamilton To Sell Your Scrap Car?

Seeing your scrap car sitting in the garage or backyard can be frustrating. Moreover, if you are tired of spending dollars repairing your vehicle to make it road-worthy, it is time to bring home a new car. But how to create space and get funds for your new car? By relying on the services of car removal in Hamilton.

You may wonder what value a scrap car can offer you. Hence you let the car remain in the garage or dispose of it to anyone with nothing in return. Yet, you are unknown about the worth of your scrap car. If you choose the right service, your scrap car can only give you a hundred or even a thousand dollars. By choosing Atlas Auto to sell your scrap car, you don’t get rid of your vehicle, yet you receive top dollar on it. Now, don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, let the experts handle your scrap car, and you get peace of mind.

How Can Atlas Auto Make Car Removal A Hassle-Free Experience?

Gone are those days of calling prospects to check your vehicle or list your vehicle in various third-party listing services to get rid of your car. With the top car wreckers, Hamilton say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with buyers and negotiating a deal.

Yet, financially knowledgeable people or emotionally attached to their vehicle are much more inclined to keep their old car for at least a decade. However, your vehicle’s resale value declines over time. Although you may believe that paying a certain amount is not a big deal, you may realize that you will have to invest significantly more than you thought, and it will continue to increase. Hence, why not sell your car and get a brand-new one? It is time to make a sensible investment choice and eliminate unnecessary maintenance and repairs.

Further, finding a buyer who pays top cash can be a struggle. Yet, with Atlas Auto, get cash for cars Hamilton, get a fair valuation of your car and get instant payment.

Scrap My Car Hamilton In Easy Steps

Contact us today if you wish to get rid of your scrap vehicle. After you agree to our offer, we will offer top cash and the free scrap car removal. Further, there is no hassle of signing lengthy documentation. We will come to your location and take your car with us. 


When you are ready to get rid of an old car, you have a few options. You can sell it the conventional way, or you can scrap it. Scrapping a car is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of an old car. You don’t have to deal with potential buyers who aren’t serious or people who want to lowball you. All you have to do is call Atlas Auto Limited, located at 119 Higgins Road, Frankton, Hamilton, or call u at 0800 99 7000.

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Atlas Auto is paying cash for cars. Instant top cash paid – Free Pickup – Up-to $12000.

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