Where is it best to sell my car?

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Do you have a broken car in your yard? Once a vehicle reaches the end of its useful life, it will only cause recurring problems. The maintenance and repair expenses will be exceedingly high, along with fuel efficiency. The value of your automobile depreciates each year, and at some point, selling it will no longer provide a reasonable profit. If you have this question, ‘where is it best to sell my car,’ this guide will explain how to sell your vehicle and the things to note before selling it.

Preparing Your Car

1. Car-washing

When you sell your car, first impressions matter. Hence cleaning your car, inside and out, is important. When professionally done, this may add several hundred dollars to the ultimate selling price, so why not?

2. Pay off loans

Check your car’s loan. If you financed the automobile, pay it off before selling. Buyers are reluctant to acquire a vehicle on financing unless you can persuade them you’ll pay off the debt after the sale. Further, you can’t sell an automobile used as security for a loan until the debt is paid off.

3. Aggregate all the car service records

Find your car’s repair and maintenance history. Car purchasers prefer to check the car’s service records for peace of mind. If possible, service the automobile before selling it.

4. Updated Warrant of Fitness

When selling a vehicle, you must have a WoF less than 30 days old. Unless you and the purchaser agree differently, this is the case. A signed agreement safeguards you from legal proceedings taken by the buyer. If you sell it without a WoF, be straightforward and say “as is, where is.” Or else, the best option of where is it best to sell my car is at Atlas Auto. We are the leading scrap car buyer and can help you dispose of your car in no time with instant cash payments.

5. Pricing your car

You can call an expert to evaluate your car, and you can check various websites to compare the current pricing of your car. Note not to set a price too high or too low.

Selling Your Car

After preparing your car, it is time to sell your car. Let’s check the various options you have to sell your vehicle.

1. Car wreckers

If you have limited time to advertise your vehicle, determine a price, and deal with individual buyers, a car purchasing firm may be your best choice. Further, this is a good alternative if your automobile is no longer fit to drive, you need urgent cash, or repair costs are too high. Atlas Auto can help you get rid of your vehicle sustainably and cost-effectively. Further, you can get hundreds to thousands of dollars for your scrap car.

2. Classifieds online

This is a great alternative if you have enough time to wait for the ideal buyer and want a broad audience. You also need to pay listing fees for listing your car. It takes time to prepare your ad since you need photos of your car and a captivating description to attract buyers. You also have to deal with constant phone conversations and car inspections. Further, some buyers may also request test drives.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Another option for ‘where is it best to sell my car’ is Facebook. You can list your car for sale in various local buy and sell Facebook groups to get potential buyers.

4. Placing the car with a “For Sale” sign

You may be allowed to put a “For Sale” sign in your vehicle window, and there may be local areas to park automobiles for sale. Be cautious to check municipal bylaws before parking your automobile with a “For Sale” display.

Selling The Car

So the last step involves selling your car after you find the potential buyer. Note to do a background check before selling your car to anyone to ensure that you don’t have any problems in the future. Further, proceed with the ownership process and other legalities. Then, get the amount directly into your bank account or through cash.


When you are ready to get rid of an old car, you have a few options. You can sell it the conventional way, or you can scrap it. Scrapping a car is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of an old car. You don’t have to deal with potential buyers who aren’t serious or people who want to lowball you. All you have to do is call Atlas Auto Limited, located at 119 Higgins Road, Frankton, Hamilton, or call us at 0800 99 7000.

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