How to sell a car with mechanical problems?

How to sell a car with mechanical problems – Complete Guide

This article is about how to sell a car with mechanical problems and get instant top cash paid.

One day your car is running perfectly and it’s worth a handful of cash. You can depend on it working right all day, every day. Then something goes wrong. It might seem small like a missed shift or it pops out of gear. The engine could stall occasionally, or it might be one small problem after another that keep adding up. 

Suddenly, you’re left with a car that isn’t working like it should. It’s going to cost you a small ransom to get it back up to snuff – money you don’t have or don’t want to spend. And likely, your car isn’t worth a massive cash injection.

Figure you’ll just cut your losses and sell it? That could be easier said than done. Attempting to sell a car with mechanical problems isn’t an easy feat, but it can be done.

Ways to Sell a Car with Mechanical Problems

If your vehicle isn’t working as it used to but it’s still reliable, that’s one thing. But if you can’t trust it to get you where you need to be, it’s time to fix it or sell it. Since fixing big problems is expensive, you can use one of these methods to sell your car. Below is the complete guide about How to sell a car with mechanical problems? 

List It Online

You have your favourite online classifieds to choose from. If your car is newish, you could try your hand at advertising on Trademe or AutoTrader. But if you don’t want to pay for an ad or your car is up there in years, it’s easy and free to advertise it on Facebook Marketplace.

The problem with posting private sales is that private buyers want cars they can drive. It’s tough to sell a car that doesn’t run or drive, mostly because the buyer can’t test drive it. And if it has electrical issues or other mechanical problems, you can expect a lowball offer or a “Thanks, I’m not interested” as they walk away.

Trade It In at a Dealership

For its incredibly easy method to get you out of your sick or damaged car and into a new vehicle, trading your car in with mechanical problems can seem like the route to take. Even if your car looks fantastic and still has the new car smell, a dealership won’t give you near what it’s worth if it has mechanical issues.

When you trade-in at a dealership, it’s normal for the trade-in value to be well below the price you’d get selling it privately. But when you have mechanical issues, that value is even lower. For example, to trade in a car with engine problems, you can immediately deduct the cost of a new engine from the trade-in appraisal. You’ll have to seriously consider if the convenience is worth the steep cut in cash you’d get for your car.

Sell Your Car at Auction

In cities across the nation, automotive auctions will sell cars in any condition. Again, it’s an easy way to sell your car without having to fix the problems it has. Depending on what’s wrong with your car, you might need to tow it to the auction, and there’s always the potential that it doesn’t sell and you have to drag it back home.

With car auctions, you can’t guarantee the price you’ll get for it. You may win or you may lose badly on it.

These are all options to sell your car when it has mechanical problems…but is there a better way?

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