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How to Sell My Wrecked Car Near Me? “I wrecked my car. Now, what do I do?” Hopefully, this question doesn’t sound too personal. If you’re reading this guide, though, it probably strikes home a little harder than you’d like. Car accidents are a very common experience in New Zealand. Over thousands of vehicles are involved in a collision every year – and those are only the ones that get reported!

Along with car accidents come wrecked cars. In many cases, an insurance company will declare your car a total loss and you can find yourself another vehicle. But if you wrecked a car no collision insurance, you’re probably stuck with a broken car that you can’t drive. Or, you might’ve bought your car back from the insurer, hoping to fix it up and drive it again, and it didn’t work out.

Now you have to sell your wrecked car, and it’s a great task. What do you need to do to get your car ready to sell, and where will you be able to keep it? Here are some ideas for you.

Should I Get My Car Running?

If at all feasible, get your car running. It can have its bumpers ripped off, its side got scratched, and the windscreen smashed. But whether it’s for someone fixing a wrecked car to flip or a buyer looking for mechanical parts only, a running engine amounts to dollar signs. Selling or trading in a non-running car hurts the price a bit.

Don’t invest any money into getting your wrecked car running again. But if you can fire it up and rev it up for a small cost and in a short time, it will definitely pay off.

Collision Repair Cost Estimates

Buyers aren’t keen on handing over good money for cars that are a question mark. Without any idea of what repairs they’ll need to invest in, your potential buyers will offer you pennies on the dollar of its actual value.

An easy way to bump the value up is for an accurate collision repair cost estimate or quote. Visit two or three collision repair shops for a price on fixing your wrecked car and provide them to potential buyers. Be aware that you’ll need to bring the car in. That can mean renting a truck and trailer or hiring a tow truck for multiple trips, and that can add up to several hundred dollars quite quickly.

How can I get a quote for my scrap car instantly?

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Prepare to Sell Your Wrecked Car

Just like selling a car that isn’t wrecked, prepare your car to sell your wrecked vehicle. Clean it out, wash it up, and make it look presentable. You’ll be surprised how much value you can add simply by cleaning your car!

Where to Sell a Wrecked Car

Wrecked car buyers aren’t exactly hitting down your door, trying to buy your car, are they? Even though they may not be easy to see right away, there are several ways you can sell a wrecked car.

Sell Your Wrecked Car Privately

It’s not the norm, but sometimes you can get lucky. If you list your car privately to sell it, there’s always a chance that someone will be interested. If it’s a wrecked car to sell, there will definitely be less interest. You may need to wait weeks or months before the right buyer comes along, or they may never.

Trade-in a Damaged Car

A dealership might take your damaged car on trade. You’ll need to commit to buying another vehicle from that dealer, and that an unexpected investment of thousands of dollars. What’s worse, the dealer isn’t really interested in taking your wrecked car on trade, so you’ll get a lowball offer.

Selling a Wrecked Car for Parts

Strip your wrecked car down to the shell and sell any good parts for cash. It’s doable – there are people who get good money by selling their car for parts. While you can make more than you expect with this method, you’ll find three things: it’s hazardous wherever it is, it’s going to take a long time to sell all the parts, and it’s an eyesore.

Sell Your Wrecked Car to Atlas Auto

There are wrecked car buyers lined up to buy your car in one place – Atlas Auto. If you want to avoid all the trouble of finding your own buyer, negotiating prices, or dealing with sharp-edged parts, Atlas Auto will buy your car from you as-is, and wherever it is. It’s easy and it’s free. We’ll give you a quote for your vehicle, and instant cash paid. Accept the offer and you’ll have money in hand before we pick up your vehicle.

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