Selling Deregistered Car – Complete Guide

Sell deregistered Car

Deregistered/Unregistered Vehicle

The vehicle may have been in an accident and written off by an insurance company, or the vehicle’s registration may have expired because the licence was not kept current. If the vehicle is unlicensed for over 12 months it will be deregistered.

Might be best to get rid of that deregistered car ASAP. Sell it to – Atlas Auto buys the deregistered car for cash. Here’s a complete guide on what you need to know if you’ve got an unregistered vehicle for sale.

Check Local Council Laws Around Deregistered Vehicles

Simply put, local council ordinances vary. However, they typically have certain elements in common. These laws were established, in part, to prevent unsightly car bodies from cluttering up the property and ruining landscapes. It’s not all about creating pretty neighbourhoods, though. Some reasons have more to do with safety than esthetics. For example, a scrap car parked on the street can be a distraction for drivers.

If the unlicensed car is in an open space, field, or fence, it could encourage illegal dumping of additional trash. Animals can take up residence. Perhaps an even greater hazard is leaking fluids, such as gasoline, oil, coolant, or brake fluid, polluting the environment. The owner of an deregistered vehicle might not notice if it’s losing goop, because the car is never moved. Potentially dangerous chemicals could, therefore, seep into the ground and get into the water supply. Yuck.

A side note: even if cars are registered, some municipalities will still consider it a scrap car if it’s falling apart, dismantled, or looks like it doesn’t run. So be warned: a registration sticker is not always a magic ticket. You can still be fined.

How to Sell Deregistered Car

 You are wondering what to do with deregistered vehicle? Here are the options.

Repair or Part the Deregistered Car

If your scrap car is unregistered and no one has complained, you’re lucky. However, it could be just a matter of time before it’s brought to the attention of the authorities. Then, best-case scenario, you’re in for a hassle, because they’ll want you to take care of it fast. Worst case, it’ll end up costing you fines or fees into the hundreds of dollars.

Why not avoid all the hassle and take care of the car before anyone’s the wiser with some auto repair hacks? If the vehicle is in decent shape, you may consider parting the car yourself. But that’s going to take some time, and you’re still stuck with the deregistered body. You might impress the authorities because you’re handling the situation…but maybe they’re hard to impress. They might just want the problem handled now.

Re-registering Your Vehicle

If your vehicle’s registration has been cancelled and you want to use the vehicle on the road again, you need to register it again.

Lapsed or de-registered vehicles need to undergo a similar inspection process to imported cars, to make sure they meet the same compliance standards that were originally in place when the vehicle was first registered in New Zealand.

While a deregistered car won’t be expected to meet the new standards for emissions or frontal impact in the same way that new car imports have to, the compliance process is still much more rigorous and comprehensive than that of your standard WoF – and it’s reflected in the price.

Cost for a compliance inspection will set you back between $400 and $500, and the registration and plates can cost anything up to $400 extra, depending on the car’s ACC levy band.

If you’re still willing to take those costs and hassle for reregistered car, but a cautious approach is always advisable.

To Find-out approved compliance or testing station in New Zealand. Click here NZTA.

Sell Deregistered Car – Atlas Auto

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