How to Sell a Car to a scrapyard in NZ

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Selling a Car to a Scrapyard: Tips for Getting the Most Money Possible

If you need to sell a car to a scrapyard, you will want to get as much for the damaged vehicle as possible. Regardless if you are selling a vehicle that has been damaged in an accident or simply one that has worn out, there are a few things you can do in order to maximise the amount you receive. If your vehicle is a very popular model, you may be able to sell it to a scrapyard for used car or truck parts.

In addition to the cash you receive, you also get free car removal service. Here’s a how-to guide on getting the most from a scrapyard for your old clunker or wreck.

What You Will Need

  • Smartphone with internet
  • Photo ID or NZ driver’s license
  • Good research skills
  • Some negotiating skills

Step 1: Search Scrapyards in Your Area

Go to Google and search for local scrapyard and cash for cars near me. Find cash for cars or local scrapyards that are in your locality or located close enough so that, they can pick-up the vehicle same-day.

Contact each scrapyard and tell them that you have a vehicle you are interested in selling. Give them all the details of the vehicle, such as the make and model, and the type of damage that the vehicle has. The person at the scrapyard may ask you quite a few questions about the vehicle. You should try to answer all the questions as truthfully and accurately as possible in order to get the most accurate offer for your vehicle.

Step 2: Receive Buy Offers

If your vehicle is something that the scrapyards are interested in, they will probably make you an offer over the phone. Try to avoid doing business with scrapyards that insist that you bring in the vehicle for an estimate. This may simply add to your costs of selling the vehicle.

Step 3: Compare Offers and Costs

After you contact all of the scrapyards, compare the offers you received along with the amount that you expect it will cost you to deliver it to the scrapyard. If the vehicle is still drivable, this is not much of an issue. If you need to rent a truck or tow vehicle, the distance travelled will definitely be something to consider.

Step 4: Prepare the Vehicle

Remove all personal belongings or added accessories you wish to keep before taking the car to the scrapyard.

Step 5: Deliver the Vehicle

Drive or tow your vehicle to the scrapyard you want to do business with.

Step 6: Sell the Vehicle

Allow the personnel at the scrapyard to inspect your vehicle. If the vehicle is true as you described, the scrapyard should give you the amount they offered you on the phone. If you left anything out while on the phone, now is a good time to mention it and try to negotiate a higher selling price. Sign over the purchase paper and receive the payment in cash or get a check.

Step 7: Cancelling the vehicle’s registration

If you want to cancel the vehicle’s registration before selling it to cash for car or scrapyards, you will need to complete an application to cancel registration (MR15). You can do this at a registration agent.

You will need to hand in the number plates.

More information about cancelling a vehicle

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