I Want to Sell My Car Fast!

I Want to Sell My Car Fast! Where Can I Sell at Best Price?

Are you considering, “I want to sell my car fast” but you don’t know the right channels to sell it quickly and get the best price?

Selling a car can be quite a daunting task at times, especially when it’s your first time or the car is in imperfect condition.

I want to sell my car fast!

Selling your car fast doesn’t have to be hard, even if you’re trying to sell a scrap car.

With the right information on the various methods and options you can use to sell your car, you will know how to sell your vehicle or sell your truck in the most convenient way that’s best for you.

Sell my car for cash privately

Selling a car privately is the first option that comes to the mind of many individuals when it’s time to let go of your car. It can be a great option. Private sales will get you the highest selling price since you’re selling your car directly to the buyer who will drive it. There’s no broker. However, it can be time-consuming and risky, considering that you are dealing with strangers. When selling privately, here is a summary of what you should know…

Benefits of Selling a Car Privately

  • You will generally receive a better sale price.

Disadvantages of Selling a Car Privately

  • Can be time-consuming and requires significant effort.
  • Dealing with strangers can be risky especially at test drives.
  • You have to do the filing of the paperwork yourself.
  • Scams are rampant.

Selling a Car to Dealer

When selling a car to a dealer, you can either do it outright or via a trade-in.

Trade-In: This is the easiest way to sell your car if you are planning to buy a new or another used car from a dealership. It’s a great option when you are upgrading from your current model. Although you will apparently get less than through a private sale, the plus side of this option is that it helps you avoid the work and expenses of advertising, dealing with queries, viewings and test drives.

Selling Outright: Selling outright to a used car dealer is a pretty straightforward and relatively fast process. The price you get is based on the vehicle’s current condition and market value, so it isn’t the best value you are likely to get out there with other options. Good thing is, you can even sell your car on the exact same day.

Pros of Selling to a Dealer

  • The process is fast.
  • It’s easy and saves you from hassles (filing paperwork, planning viewings and test-drives).
  • You have a better negotiating position when you’re buying another car.

Cons of Selling to a Dealer

  • The major con here is price. You will most likely get a lower price than you would by selling privately.

How much is my junk car worth?

Provide your vehicle details and we will give you a no-obligation cash offer.

Selling A Car Online via an Auction

Auctioning your car is a fast and relatively easy way of selling your car. However, there’s no guarantee that your car will reach its reserve price and therefore you may end up getting a lower price for it than with other options. You’ll also have to find the best auto auction websites out there.

Online auctions are relatively a hassle-free way of selling a used car. All you need is to advertise your car on a site like Trademe, Turners Auction with the full description and photos of the car. The sites will charge a certain posting fee as well as some fees based on the final selling price. But, they will often offer secure ways of accepting payment, which is a big plus.

Pros of auctioning your car

  • People see your listing and make an offer. No negotiation is necessary.
  • It’s fast.
  • Most of auctioneer will take care of payment.
  • Some auction companies can organise buyer financing.
  • Bidders may get carried away; inflating your car’s sale price.

Cons of auctioning your car

  • Your asking price may never be reached.
  • It costs money (the listing fee and the auction’s cut of the selling price).

Selling My Car for Cash to Atlas Auto

This is the best option to sell your car fast and instant cash. Atlas Auto will buy your car from you regardless of their condition for cash. It doesn’t matter how rough the body is, if it is currently registered or deregistered, scrap car, damaged car, or if it’s running or not. 

Atlas Auto pays cash for cars in any condition. You’re already on Atlas Auto, so click here to Get an Offer or Freephone: 0800997000 – To get your free no-obligation offer.

You’ll receive a free no-obligation cash offer from Atlas Auto for your unwanted vehicle – all you need is the valid photo ID. If you accept the offer, we’ll put money in your hand typically within 24 to 48 hours. Then, we’ll pick your car up from your home, office, the repair shop, or wherever it sits, and at no charge to you.

Get your offer now to see how much your car or truck is worth or Freephone: 0800 99 7000

Areas Served – North Island, New Zealand

Atlas Auto pick up cars, 4x4s, vans or trucks throughout North Island, New Zealand! We service all major cities & areas in North Island such as Hamilton, Auckland, Tauranga, Rotorua, Tokoroa, Taupo, Thames, Coromandel, Waihi, Huntly, Morrinsville, Matamata, etc

To find out more about the service area. Call us on 0800 99 7000

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How to Sell a Car to Wreckers

Are you selling a car to wreckers?

If you’re searching for “sell my car to wreckers” on your favourite search engine, it’s probably because you realise that your car is no longer in a drivable condition.

Whether it’s through an accident, a mechanical failure, or just the wear and tear of time, deregistered, no warrant.

Is your vehicle too expensive to fix? The best option is to selling the car to wreckers.

If you want to sell a car to wreckers, you want to get the most possible cash for your wrecked vehicle.

Regardless if you are selling a vehicle that has been damaged in a wreck or simply one that has worn out, there are a few things you can do in order to maximise the amount you receive.

If your vehicle is a popular model, you may be able to sell a car to a wrecker for parts.

In addition to the cash you receive, you will get free car removal service.

Here’s a how-to guide on how to sell your car or truck to wreckers for cash?

What You Will Need

  • Current ownership or authority to sell
  • Search on Google, Bing etc
  • Valid photo ID such as driver licence, passport, 18+ card, etc
  • Good research skills
  • Some negotiating skills

Step 1: Search Local Wreckers on Search Engine

Search for “car wreckers near me” on the search engine. List all of the local wreckers that are in your neighbourhood or located close enough so that you can get rid of the vehicle easy and hassle-free.

Contact all wreckers and tell them that you have a vehicle you are interested in selling it to wreckers.

Give them all the details of the vehicle, such as the make and model, and the type of damage.

The person at the wrecking yard may ask you quite a few questions about the vehicle. You should try to answer all the questions as truthfully and accurately as possible in order to get the most accurate offer for your vehicle.

Step 2: Receive Cash Offers

If your vehicle is something that the wreckers are interested in, they will apparently make you a no-obligation cash offer over the phone. If you are wondering, Read here – How much do wreckers pay for cars?

Step 3: Compare Offers and Costs

After you contact all of the wreckers nearby, compare the offers you received from different wreckers.

Step 4: Prepare Your Vehicle

Remove all personal belongings or added accessories you wish to keep before selling your car to wreckers.

Step 5: Sell Your Vehicle to Wreckers

Allow the tow truck driver to inspect your vehicle. If the vehicle is true as you described, most wreckers should give you the amount they offered you on the phone.

Sign over the paper and receive the payment in cash or check.

Step 6: Free Removal From Your Place

Most of the wreckers will offer your free car removal service from your place. Otherwise, tow your vehicle to the wreckers you want to do business with.

Step 7: De-Register Your Vehicle

Contact NZTA and ensure that the ownership has been transferred or de-register the vehicle. Don’t allow the wreckers to delay the transfer of the ownership too long, as you may be liable for any event or mishap that might be associated with the vehicle.

Selling a Car to Wreckers – Atlas Auto

If you are looking to sell your car to wreckers for best cash? Then Atlas Auto is the best place to wreck your car or truck for instant top cash.

Atlas Auto will buy your vehicle from you regardless of their condition for cash. It doesn’t matter how rough the body is, if it is currently registered, deregistered, broken, scrap, damaged, or if it’s running or not. Atlas Auto pays top cash for cars in any condition and paying up to $12000.

Get your free no-obligation cash offer from Atlas Auto for your car, 4×4, van, suv or truck – all you need is the valid photo ID. If you accept the offer, we’ll put money in your hand. Then, we’ll pick up your vehicle from your home, office, the repair shop, or wherever it sits, and at no charge to you.

Get your offer now to see how much your car or truck is worth or Freephone: 0800 99 7000

How to Trade-in a Car for Cash

How to Trade in a Car – Get Cash for Cars near You with Atlas Auto

How to Trade in a Car for Cash – The fact that every car owner has to embrace is that one day, they will have to let go of their much-beloved vehicle. The difficulty, however, comes in when you have to choose whether to trade your car in or sell it.

Should you trade-in your used car or should you sell it? Help yourself with the following insights before making your decision.

How to Trade In a Car for Cash

Before you try to sell your car to a car buyer near you, you might be considering trading in your car.

The car trade-in process is mainly made up of four steps. These are:

Determining your car trade-in value: Since dealerships are known to offer low price, it is usually up to the seller to contact online pricing experts to get the true value for their trade-in. The sad truth, however, is that very few car owners trade-ins their car for the price that it is worth.

Looking for the trade-in quote: It is then up to you look for the best quote for your trade-in. Again, due to the low price each dealership will offer, you might end up wasting too much time getting the best quote.

Finalising best offer: After going through all the offers dealerships have proposed, you have to finalise on the one that you think is best.

Close the deal: The dealership will let you know everything you need to do for the remaining part of the trade-in process. This could be setting up an inspection which involves you towing your vehicle into the dealership.

You should also know that it is not guaranteed that the dealership will accept your car even after you have gone through the whole process. So getting cash for an unwanted car might be more profitable in this case.

You can then use that cash to rent a new house- as an example. Or a brand new car.

Can You Trade-In A Car With A Loan?

When you contact a dealership about a car you want to trade-in, they will have to inspect it, run some reports and verify the car’s records. In most cases, you will have to tow your vehicle into the dealership without the guaranty that you will get an offer. Here are some of the risks involved in the car trade-in process.

How to Get A Fair Market Value for Your Car

The goal of every car dealership is to make a profit out of the cars they acquire. By offering you a low car trade-in value, they are guaranteed to make a profit when they sell it to another buyer.

Car dealerships will always offer a price much lower than what you would get if you chose to sell the car yourself. All they want is for you to have just enough money to make the down payment for your new car.

You know you deserve better than that. So how to sell a wrecked car near me for cash?

How much is my junk car worth?

Provide your vehicle details and we will give you a no-obligation cash offer.

Dealerships That Buy Cars

This happens a lot. Dealerships will only accept a car trade-in if they are double sure that they will be in a position to resell it within the shortest time possible.

This means that their demand for used cars is easily affected by factors like fuel prices and condition.

Dealerships do not consider maintenance and repair costs

Once you have decided to trade-in your used car, be sure that you cannot recover any money spent on car maintenance and repair costs.

The only hope you have of getting some extra cash for your vehicle is selling it to a buyer like Atlas Auto.

Can I Trade In A Non-Running Car?

Of course, you can, but what does it take? Trading in a car that doesn’t run is easier said than done. Think for a minute about towing fees because you certainly cannot drive your car to the dealership.

Another problem is that since dealerships can’t exactly tell the value of a car that doesn’t run, they will most likely offer you a very low price for your car.

Should I Fix My Car or Sell It?

Well, something that most vehicle owners do not know is that when trading in a used car, any money that was spent on maintenance will not be considered.

If you are wondering why, it is because as the owner of the car, you are responsible for any repair or maintenance cost incurred on your vehicle.

You might get your car fixed or upgraded before trading it in, the dealership will not factor these in when making you an offer. You need to decide if it’s worth it to sell your car as-is.

Atlas Auto Buys Cars in Any Conditions

Atlas Auto buys used cars even if they are not running. We actually tow your vehicle for free regardless of where it is.

Our speciality is buying damaged cars from individuals, companies, and insurance at fair market value.

Whether you have a wrecked Cars, SUVs, 4WDs, Vans, Trucks, Buses, RVs or a late-model car, visit Atlas Auto today to get a no-obligation free offer.

We also make sure that you get paid immediately we pick up your car. We provide same-day car removals and free towing.

So get an offer for your car now to see how much your car is worth.

Areas Served – North Island, New Zealand

Atlas Auto pick up cars, 4x4s, vans or trucks throughout North Island, New Zealand! We service all major cities & areas in North Island.

To find out more about the service area. Call us on 0800 99 7000

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Selling Wrecked Motors Vehicle

Every year, there are more than thousands of car accidents in New Zealand. Isn’t that crazy? Some of those motor vehicles have just slight panel body damage and can be fixed. Others are a total loss – totally wrecked and not safe to drive anymore. And sometimes, you’re the one stuck with a car you can’t drive.

What do you do with a wrecked motor vehicle? Since you can’t drive it and it’s probably not worth fixing up, you’re probably asking yourself, “How and where can I sell my motor wrecked cars?”

You have questions about how to sell a wrecked car. But don’t worry, we have the answers for you.

Atlas Auto Buys Any Make/Model & Any Condition

Atlas Auto has decades of wrecked motor vehicle buying and appraising experience. We buy vehicles of any make/models in any condition, and our usual car pick-up time is 24-48 hours.

We offer the best market values for a wrecked motor every day. See how much you can get for your wrecked car now or Freephone: 0800 99 7000

How Much is My Wrecked Car Worth?

Before you try to sell the vehicle you inappropriately used for bumper cars, you’ve got to decide how much you should ask for it. Don’t get too ahead of yourself, because you’re apparently going to be dissatisfied with the numbers you discover.

You see, most people want cars they can really drive, not cars that have been bashed up, wrecked, smashed, and may not ever drive on the street again. Unsurprisingly, it drives down the fair asking price.

How to Sell a Wrecked Car

With a wrecked car value now in mind, the next step is to figure out how to sell a wrecked car. There are a few ways to get rid of your wrecked or scrap car, and it’s up to you to determine which one is best in your circumstances.

Who Buys Wrecked Cars

Have you asked yourself, “Who buys wrecked cars near me?” Finding local buyers is a good place to start. It’s no help to find a place to sell a wrecked car if you have to tow it across the country to make a few dollars.

Here are a few methods to sell your wrecked car, and they should be available to almost everyone.

Private Buyers

Someone looking for a cheap car might be interested in buying your broken vehicle. If it has front end damage or back end damage, there’s a chance that it can be fixed and put back on the road. Private buyers looking to fix up a car to make their daily driver might net you a few extra dollars too.

However, you need to advertise your car for sale, be available for tire-kickers, and deal with buyers who want to negotiate hard. Is it worth the time and aggravation for a few extra bucks?

Scrap Metal Yard

An easy way to wash your hands of a smashed-up car is to sell it to a scrap metal yard. There’s nothing else you need to do with it – no repairs, no advertising, and it’s fast. But you’re not going to get very much for your car because they’re going to pay you based on its weight alone, not its make or model, mileage, or even its condition.

Parting a Wrecked Car

You could try parting a wrecked car on your own, and it could be profitable if your car still runs. But you’re still stuck with a wrecked car in your yard, and it can take months to sell enough parts for it to be worthwhile. You probably don’t need a hazard like that parked in your driveway, do you?

Trade-In to Dealership

Some dealerships might consider taking your car on trade, but they probably won’t buy it from you outright. And to be honest, a dealership doesn’t want your wrecked car for anything at all – not even parts. They want to make their money selling you another car, and may not even pay you the value of a wrecked car but rather take it off your hands for nothing.

We Buy Wrecked Motor Vehicles

Looking to get cash for your wrecked car as fast and easy as you can? Then look at Atlas Auto when you’re trying to sell a wrecked car. We buy wrecked cars of all sorts: damaged cars, accident cars, hail-damaged cars, flood cars, non-running cars, and even older cars.

Getting cash for wrecked cars with Atlas Auto is easy. Simply request a quote for your vehicle by submitting your vehicle details and its condition. You’ll receive a free no-obligation offer for your car. Just accept the offer and you’ll get paid fast cash for your vehicle. Even better, Atlas Auto will pick up your car in as-is, where-is condition at no charge to you!

Get your offer now to see how much your car is worth or Freephone: 0800 99 7000

Areas Served – North Island, New Zealand

Atlas Auto pick up cars, 4x4s, vans or trucks throughout North Island, New Zealand! We service all major cities & areas in North Island.

To find out more about the service area. Call us on 0800 99 7000

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Valuation of Old Cars

Valuation of Old Cars – There’s a frustrating moment after you’ve been in a car accident. You count your lucky stars that no one has been harmed, and you’re relieved that you have full insurance. But then, your neck hairs bristle when you come to the realisation that your car will never be the same.

Whether your car’s been in a crash, it’s been damaged, cooked motor, or damaged in theft and destroyed, a sinking feeling sets in. Absolutely, in many cases, the damage can be fixed. But at what cost to you? And even if insurance pays the bill, your car value after an accident is much less.

How much less? That depends on the type of repair and value, what the results are after the repairs. So how do you determine your broken car value?

How to Get The Cash Value of An Old Car

Think all the variables in your accident. The angle of collision, the number of cars affected, how fast you were driving, airbag deployment, past mileage and damage, and many other factors. With so many variables, it’s right to say that each collision car is going to be a little different, isn’t it?

Each broken car value is going to be different because of the accident factors. In that way, it’s nearly impossible to get an exact valuation on your car after an accident.

What’s The Difference Between Scrap & Old Cars?

If you want to get more accurate than a rough valuation, have your car value appraised. All over New Zealand, you’ll find professional car appraisers who impartially assign a value to your car. Be aware that car appraisers charge for their services and it can be a few hundred dollars, depending on the service near you. What’s particularly aggravating about this situation is that your wrecked car value might be almost as much as your appraisal cost! This begs the question of whether or not it’s worth fixing your car after an accident.

Find The Market Value of My Wrecked Car

You only have a few options for dealing with a wrecked car. You can:

  • Continue driving it as-is – That could be risky, though, and isn’t recommended unless a mechanic has investigated it and considers it safe. But who wants to drive a car that looks like it’s been through the shredder?
  • Fix it up rather than selling – Spend the money and restore your car to its early fame. But then what? You either have a car that’s worth less than you’ve paid to buy and repair, or you sell it for less than you paid to fix it. Not a good option.
  • Sell it as it is. Cut your losses – You’ll pay more to fix it than it’s worth, and it’s no good the way it is. Sell it, get what you can for it, and buy something new – or at least, not wrecked.

Can You Sell An Old or Broken Car?

A broken car isn’t worth too much, and there aren’t many options to sell it. Advertise your accident car in the classifieds so you can get tire kickers and low-ballers calling you day and night. That doesn’t sound like a barrel of laughs. So, trade it in at the dealership for your next car. But trading in a car with body damage isn’t great either since a dealer can’t be bothered to put the time or money into it.

Selling Your Old Car to Atlas Auto

Sell your damaged car to Atlas Auto. As specialists in dealing with cars or trucks in any condition, damaged cars, scrap cars, or vehicles you just don’t want anymore, Atlas Auto will give you the best cash price for it as-is.

Fill in the online form to get free no-obligation offer. It’s easy and free to get your offer. If it looks good to you, just accept the offer and you’ll get paid fast! Atlas Auto will have your damaged car picked up from anywhere in Waikato, Auckland & Bay of Plenty in as-is condition, at no cost to you. Get your offer instantly to find out how much your car is worth!

Areas Served – North Island, New Zealand

Atlas Auto pick up cars, 4x4s, vans or trucks throughout North Island, New Zealand! We service all major cities & areas in North Island.

To find out more about the service area. Call us on 0800 99 7000\

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How Much is My Truck Worth with Body Damage?

The Best Way to Sell Your Damaged Truck Fast

Your truck got scratches & damage in a parking lot, then a crease in the door from a shopping trolly. You’ve been rear-ended and the bumper was damaged and dented. Then, you ‘bumped’ another driver with the front bumper. Suddenly, there’s a scratch, ding, dent, or rust on every panel on your truck. When you have body damage you can still sell your truck online pretty easily.

Sell Your Truck Now – Get Online Offer for Your Truck!

Complete our online form or call us at 0800 99 7000 to get your FREE estimate and see how much your car is worth. Get paid the real cash value of your car in 24-48 hours!

Whether it happens bit by bit like this, or all at once in a collision, body damage affects your truck’s value. It might be just a scratch but professionally repainting just one panel can cost $300 to $500, and that doesn’t account for any dent or rust repairs!

Perhaps you’re looking to fix your truck, or maybe you’ve given up on keeping it in good shape. You want to know, “What’s my truck worth now, and is the cost of repairs worth it?”

How Much is My Truck Worth?

Determining how much is my truck worth is easy. Anyone can do it. There are used car values found all over the place – Trademe, Turners just for examples. You can also compare your vehicle’s year, make, model, trim level, and mileage with others that are for sale in your area. Take your pick and determine the value of your pickup. With Atlas Auto, you’ll receive Fair Market Value.

How Does Body Damage Affect the Value of My Truck?

But if your truck is beating up, wrecked, damaged, dented, dinged, rusty, or a combination of these things, that valuation won’t be accurate. Those prices are meant for trucks with average wear and tear, not vehicles with body damage.

So, how do you calculate your truck’s value when it’s in below-average condition? One trick is to determine how many panels are damaged, multiply it by about $600, and take it off the Fair Market Value for your truck.

Will Repairs Restore My Truck Values Too?

You’d think that paying to have your truck fixed or completing an insurance claim will restore your truck values to pre-accident condition. Unfortunately, that’s not quite true. When body repairs are done, especially on an insurance claim, it’s reported on its vehicle history reports like NZTA or CarJam. When someone is looking for a used vehicle and checks the CarJam report, they’ll see that significant body repairs have been done.

Repairs might bring up the selling price somewhat, but not the same amount as you’ll spend to fix it. Think about it as a comparison between your repaired truck and one that’s never been in an accident. They might look the same and drive the same, but if you know one has been fixed and the other hasn’t, which one would you choose?

Who Will Buy My Truck As Is?

Instead of fixing the body damage, you might think, “Forget the repairs. I’ll sell my truck as fast as it is.” That can be a good way to go about it, knowing when you sell it, you won’t get the money back that you pay for repairs. But who’s going to buy my truck as is?

List your truck online on Trademe or on Turners as your first option to sell your truck online. You might get some interest but not nearly as much as if your truck was in good shape. The people that email, text, and call at all hours want to haggle you down to almost nothing, thinking they’re doing you a favour. There are a few buyers out there, but they’re looking for a home-run deal.

Where to Go to Price My Truck Out

Setting a price for your damaged truck isn’t easy. It still has worth to you and there’s probably lots of life left in it. You want to get a fair price for it, but not give it away. What do you do?

You can get your truck appraised by a manager at a local dealership. They’re going to try to sell you a new vehicle, so beware of their sales tactics. Plus, they aren’t overly interested in damaged vehicles so when you ask them for the value of my pickup truck, you might get a very low quote.

Another option is to calculate truck values by subtracting the amount of damage from the Fair Market Value price as we did earlier.

How Can I Sell My Truck Fast?

Most truck buyers want a truck they can drive right away, not one they need to sink time and money into before it’s roadworthy. Unless you hit the jackpot, it could take weeks or months to find the right person to buy your truck with body damage. Selling it online is a great option to sell it fast.

Atlas Auto Buys Trucks Just Like Yours

Looking to sell your truck for a fair price and without the hassle of finding a private buyer? Avoid the calls, texts, and emails and get a fair offer in just 90 seconds from Atlas Auto. If you like the offer, simply accept it and you’ll get paid fast for your vehicle. Atlas Auto will even pick it up from you, running or not, at no cost to you. Get an offer now to retrieve your fair price for your truck.

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